In today’s economic climate, technological innovation in particular is considered to be a major force for economic growth. The convergence of data analytics, commerce, and technological progress is seen as a key driver of innovation in the global economy. Moreover, entrepreneurship, evolving business models, and technological progress are at the heart of innovation

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Spatial computing (SC) is a set of ideas and technologies that will transform our lives by understanding the physical world, knowing and communicating our relation to places in that world, and navigating through those places. The transformational potential of spatial computing is already evident.

With the availability of high capacity spatial computing substrates, an emerging understanding of natural systems, and the possibility of computationally engineered matter, the importance of spatial aspects of computation is growing. These different manifestations of spatial computing have clear intersections where they can share common theory, tools, and insights. A solid mastery of spatial computation will allow us to transform our engineering capabilities, our understanding of the natural world, and ultimately the world in which we live.

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Artificial Intelligence

The holographic projectors that are under development will be able to be much smaller and portable than image projectors that rely on conventional, incoherent light beams.
Holographic projectors will be able to render sharp projected images from relatively small projection devices (e.g. cell-phones) because they do not require high intensity, high-temperature light sources.Investigators at companies and universities are working toward applied science that could make television with holographic projections that can project moving, three-dimensional pictures outside of the screen.

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To create a hologram, you need an object (or person) that you want to record; a laser beam to be shined upon the object and the recording medium; a recording medium with the proper materials needed to help clarify the image; and a clear environment to enable the light beams to intersect.

However, new holographic technology is being developed that projects 3D images from another location in real time. The images are also static, but they are refreshed every two seconds, creating a strobe-like effect of movement. The researchers hope to improve the technology over the next few years to bring higher resolution and faster image streaming.

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