Big Data


ALHD is the best platform for big data as well as traditional applications. Virtualizing big data applications simplifies the management of your big data infrastructure, delivers faster time to results and is more cost effective.

What is Big Data

The growth in volume of big data is huge and is coming from everywhere, every second of the day. Systems and devices including computers, smart phones, appliances and equipment generate and build upon the existing massive data sets.

But what is big data? Big data is a broad term for both structured and unstructured data sets so large and complex that traditional data processing applications and systems cannot adequately handle them. Big data often powers predictive analytics. Analysis of data sets are used to find new correlations to identify business trends, prevent diseases, combat crime and much more.

Industry analyst, Doug Laney, defined Big Data in terms of the three Vs:

* Volume: Terabytes, records, transactions, tables and files

* Velocity: Batch, near time, real time and streams

* Variety: Structured, unstructured and semi structured

Apache Hadoop (aka Hadoop) is open source software used for distributed storage and processing of big data. Hadoop has been packaged and integrated in large distributions (aka distros) by companies such as Cloudera, Hortonworks, MAPR and Pivotal to run big data workloads.