Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Take Control of your IoT

Deploying, managing, securing and operating IoT is a complex endeavor for both Operations and IT. ALHD offers an enterprise grade, end-to-end operation management solution that bridges the gap between Operations (OT) and IT and gives you complete control of your Internet of Things- from the edge to the cloud. Power your enterprise by uncovering new business opportunities, minimizing business disruption and achieving operational excellence.

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Check out the trends, challenges and people shaping the future of IoT in the enterprise at the IoT Pavilion. Attend our IoT breakout sessions and meet industry experts to learn how to make IoT a reality in your business.

Introducing Liota - The IoT Developers Dream

Fast track your app development through secure collection of data from any IoT source – with Liota


Manage Broader

Manage millions of things as easily as one

Protect Better

Prevent and minimize security threats across things, data, applications and users.

Operate Smarter

Provide an accurate picture of "thing" health, apply rules, and act on anomalies as they arise.

Innovate Faster

Speed up IoT implementation in your enterprise and ensure the right information is delivered to the right thing or person at the right time.


Introducing Liota

Deliver innovation with industry-leading vendor-neutral Open Source software development kit (SDK) Liota for building secure IoT gateway applications for data orchestration and control using standard protocols that allow for unified management, analytics and security.

Why Liota?

Organizations want to deploy IoT apps across multiple gateway vendors, but the lack of standards and common protocols makes it difficult. With Liota, your developers can easily deliver applications using a vendor-neutral Open Source software development kit (SDK) which supports standard protocols for data orchestration and control for building secure IoT gateway applications.

* Simplify application development by being productive in the easy-to-use environment.

* Gain new insights through secure collection, analysis, storage and sharing of sensor data.

* Deliver innovations to market faster by building apps through access to data from any source.