Technology developed in-house
Our teams of Software Engineering, Product Development and Consultancy are dedicated to analyse, design, develop and verify software applications. The software developed by Gatewit uses not only technology, development methodologies and test frames but it also offers exceptional service and value to the customer.

Analysis of Requirements
It is the most important stage of any project and Gatewit develops it side by side with the customer, to fully understand the project. The business requirements are discussed and agreed between both parties. Documents regarding business requirements are those by which you measure the project success, thus each requirement is analysed to ensure that all aspects are covered.

At this stage our team will build a custom solution by delivering a product already developed, or it will develop the root system. The solution offered to the customer is always efficient and solid. The team always tests the solution´s performance in order to meet all the requirements agreed.

Gatewit delivers the product to the customer after the implementation and tests stage; the solution is delivered with training documentation and user support software. There is also availability for training sessions and due repurchase, to simplify the transition to the new software.

  • IT Development

    • Technology developed in-house
    • Analysis of Requirements
    • Design
    • Auditing