Farhan Ali,


"The A L H D Group is making great strides developing business services and global operations as it fulfills its vision of being Global IT Innovator.

The Group’s broad spectrum of employees provides a diverse range of localized IT services to clients around the world. As we establish our presence on the global stage, our next goal is to make A L H D known to an ever-widening range of clients and prospects.

We want A L H D to stand out from other global businesses through our dedication to putting the needs of our clients first and ensuring that innovation and industry's top quality is at the heart of all we do.

By working together with clients to generate innovation that is underpinned by the best attributes of quality, cost, and quality delivery, we aim to put clients first in all we do. All Group employees and companies share clients first as the paramount principle upon which we build long-term unwavering relationships with customers to help them fulfill their hopes and dreams.

We look forward to your support as we continue building A L H D into a truly global organization."

Farhan Ali
Fond. Business Computimg Solutions (UK)
BSc Software Application DEvelopment (UK)
MSc Computing (UK)
PHD Brain Computing (UK)

AI Applications
VR Solutions