We deliver superior value

We provide an exceptional blend of industry-focused experience, knowledge, innovation, services and solutions to help businesses and governments transform their technology. We invite you to partner with TIG to streamline and drive your business. By choosing TIG you can count on:

Complete Solutions
With end-to-end solutions and services, TIG partners with you to discover and address your specific needs today and in in the future.

Unsurpassed Expertise
TIG has more than 33 years of experience in system integration to power your technology goals.
Global Reach With an IT professional network in 170 countries, TIG has the resources to address your organizations needs around the world.
Industry Leadership
TIG is recognized as a global leader in technology solutions and industry trusted partner in customer organizations. To learn more, select your market. When you’re ready, let’s discuss how we can put our capabilities to work for your organization

The right solution for your agency

Citizens around the world demand seamless delivery of government programs and services, and require high levels of transparency and accountability from public sector agencies.

TIG can provide technology solutions that will optimize the delivery of services to expand operational efficiency and drive innovation in a secure environment.


Drive Business Innovation with ALHD

Technology is transforming our education systems. The way we educate students and how they learn is fundamentally changing. A flexible, blended classroom model is replacing the one-size-fits-all classroom approach which is limited to set hours and locations. Teachers are using digital technologies to engage students with more personalized learning experiences. Students are collaborating across geographical boundaries, and consuming and producing innovative education-related content.

If you want to use the leading software-defined datacenter solution that continues to innovate and grow their amazing ecosystem of partners and educational resources, choose ALHD.


At TIG, we take pride in helping our customers solve business and IT challenges domestically and internationally. TIG offers global IT service, empowering companies with worldwide operations to maintain the same standard of IT service across continents. TIG has offices in Canada, and China as well as an enabling global network to support 170 countries on 5 continents. Contact your TIG account executive or contact International Business team today at @hdtechinfo.ae to discuss how we can assist your global endeavor

The choice is an easy one for IT departments that want to implement the most sophisticated virtual machine migration and management tools. It's ALHD.